Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Rare Pets And How To Get One

Rare Pets And How To Get One
A guide by Blueletket (Blossom TinyBunny)

    Some pets have items on them, which you cannot choose or take off of your pet. Most people call pets with items 'rare pets'. I have two; some people even have four! By reading this short guide, you can learn how to increase your chances of receiving a rare pet.

     So, what's rare about the cat? Most people don't notice this, but the cat's eyes are different than any other eyes. Some items are more rarer than others; this is one of the rarest features your pet can have.
     The doctor's light, as seen on my dog, is common. You will see many pets with it.
      There is only one way to increase your chances of getting a rare pet. Instead of buying your pet from the Appondale, buy it from the mini pet shops around Jamaa. I have experimented, and all of the pets I've bought from mini shops have been rare. The three pets I've bought from the Appondale aren't rare.
      Don't fall for 'rare pet codes'. No matter what they say, don't give them items for a 'rare pet code'. I have seen multiple people scammed of gloves and valuable items because of this. Specific codes do not give you rare pets!
    I hope this guide helped you! Feel free to leave comments about the guide, or what guides you would like to see in the future. All suggestions are welcome! :)

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