Thursday, July 7, 2011

Rare Items And How To Get One

Rare Items And How To Get One
A guide by Blueletket (Blossom TinyBunny)

     Rare items: we all want one. But how do we get them? With a little patience, you can get rare items easily!
     Stock up. Stock up on all items, especially seasonal seasonal ones. This way, you'll have many rare items open for trade, which can get you that item you've always wanted!
     Be nice. Everyone tells you this. Be nice. It actually works; this is how I got my white glove. Become friends with other Jammers, and help out around Jamaa.
     Be willing to trade. You might have to give up loved items for a rare items, but they will come back to you in good time.
     Your trading list. Put any valuable items, or all of your items, on your trade list. No one will want to trade with you if you only have two items on there! If you have more items on your list, people will send you more trades with rare items.
     Trading central. You can post here to have a better chance at getting a rare item, or so that you can find an item you want quicker.

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